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Samsung set top box

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You can't use it instead of it, because you need box, which will have support for CI slot.


I don't know which model of your TV do you have, but maybe it has CI slot ?

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Yes, there is a list viewtopic.php?f=10&t=2239 but it seems that it is not updated. You need to have box with DVB-C tuner and PCMCIA slot (commont interface - CI). Some of them do not work with CI+ cards (that upc actualy gives).


The simplest solution is box from UPC, but you can not expect advanced functionality and recordings that you play on your PC. Some people here have for example TechniSat TechniStar K2 ISIO or older TechniSat TechniStar K1 or the newest one TechniSat TechniCorder ISIO STC.

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