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Prosím, kde se dají sehnat IP Range IPv4 a IPv6, které UPC přiřazuje svým zákazníkům?


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V sekci "cz.dattelkabel". Je to ovsem mix IP adres pridelovanych rezidentnim i business zakaznikum, vcetne adres zdedenych po Sloane Parku. Vodafone je tam tamtez, v sekci "cz.oskarmobil".

Do budoucna dojde ke slouceni tzv. LIR uctu (cz.xxx) pod Vodafone, takze nepujde snadno rozlisit, komu/cemu patri ktery blok. Proto si dovolim pridely archivovat primo tady v prispevku.

    UPC Ceska Republica, s.r.o.

    20000614	ALLOCATED PA
    20020103	ALLOCATED PA
    20020415	ALLOCATED PA
    20030306	ALLOCATED PA
    20030526	ALLOCATED PA
    20040628	ALLOCATED PA
    20040914	ALLOCATED PA
    20041001	ALLOCATED PA
    20050421	ALLOCATED PA
    20051223	ALLOCATED PA
    20060224	ALLOCATED PA
    20060316	ALLOCATED PA
    20061123	ALLOCATED PA
    20070413	ALLOCATED PA
    20070604	ALLOCATED PA
    20080225	ALLOCATED PA
    20080709	ALLOCATED PA
    20100421	ALLOCATED PA
    20101221	ALLOCATED PA
    20110329	ALLOCATED PA
    20110701	ALLOCATED PA
    20180223	ALLOCATED PA
    20071109	2a01:5e0::/32
    20110808	2a02:8300::/28


    Vodafone Czech Republic a.s.

    20001204	ALLOCATED PA
    20011005	ALLOCATED PA
    20020829	ALLOCATED PA
    20030905	ALLOCATED PA
    20080423	ALLOCATED PA
    20090630	ALLOCATED PA
    20091021	ALLOCATED PA
    20101111	ALLOCATED PA
    20110315	ALLOCATED PA
    20090803	2a00:11b0::/29
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