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  1. Sure, I completely understand your point @quadra2030 and @tomus, I really tried to inform the technical support about the unexpected high rate of Post RS Errors, but sometimes it seems that it is just hard to convince them that the problem is not on customer side (i.e., my side 🙂), specially because I am also not familiar with these telecom parameters and occasional failures. Moreover, in the meanwhile I was also trying to find out some workaround, at least to avoid the major outages, but apparently there is none. Thanks for clarifying these details, btw.
  2. Hi @classbird, yeah, if I understood correctly, here it is also Vodafone now. So, I had another visit from the technician earlier this week, when after verifying the cable signal inside and outside the building, the modem was changed for a new one once again (another CH7465VF), but the problem remained. After contacting the support again, the modem firmware was upgraded to CH7465VF-NCIP-, but with no real effect. After calling again, the central support informed that the monitoring system was disabled since Wednesday, so I'll have to wait until next week after the holiday
  3. Ah alright, thanks for looking into that, @tomusI'll contact the support again and reinforce that issue then.
  4. Hi, I'm a UPC Internet 300+ customer and have been facing some instability in the last weeks when I was using the modem on Bridge Mode, with the connection occasionally crashing and returning only after a modem reset. The device was even exchanged for a new CH7465VF by the UPC technician, as well as the last 3 meters of cable, but the problem still persists, although it is not visible from the Central support. From what I can tell, for the last 2.5 years I have been using UPC, I had never had such connectivity issues before. After switching the Modem mode to Router Mode the connectio
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