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  1. Tak, stale nefunguje. I was afraid it is down just for us. Děkuji moc! Also, promiňte for the spatňe čeština a angličtina směs. I am still learning and we've only been here for six měsice. 🙂
  2. Dobry den, všem. Our internet has not been functioning since this morning in Zizkov. We called the technical support line and from the little czech I rozumim it appears there is a known problem that was being worked on when I called. However, it's nearly 3PM and internet is still not working. Does anyone have any extra info on this? Has the problem been solved and we're still in the dark, or is it still being worked on? Děkuji. P.S.: the modem can't synchronise and the sync lights keep blinking. We've restarted it a few times, bur it's still not working.
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