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  1. Hello, as you may see in my signature, I'm from Romania and I'm subscribed at UPC/Vodafone RO. UPC RO removed several channels from the beginning of the year. So the channels are : Sundance SD/HD which its stopped broadcasting, Classhorse TV which was encrypted on satellite, Golf Channel HD (yes that's strange because the channel didn't have at least 1 year in UPC's channel list), DoQ which also stopped its broadcasting, KBS World HD (on 26 August) and Russia Today on 27 September. I think the reason for removing KBS World HD and Russia Today channels is because of Vodafone. Also we (UPC RO) don't have BBC Earth and BBC World News, but we expect to get these british channels very soon. And about Megamax, I think AMC want to cease the broadcast for this channel. Last year, on one of the operators from Romania, AMC want the Megamax to be replaced with JimJam (they didn't have JimJam). Also, in Romania, TV5 Europe is in must-carry channel list. Every operator is obliged to have TV5 in their channel list, based on a francofone protocol.
  2. Do you have any news about Epic Drama HD?? At (UPC) Romania, on 4 april 2018 was tested without name and without EPG - Epic Drama HD, but later it was removed. https://forum.softpedia.com/topic/1101269-informaii-despre-testele-tv-de-la-upc-sd-hd/page__st__18#entry22718820 I don't see the edit button to add pics, so sorry for double-post. I repeat - this was tested on UPC Romania.
  3. @Jack_6428 : where? can you insert the quote from that article? even if it is in czech. Thx On Discovery SD and TLC, do you have ads? LE: I've found it. "I po spuštění Discovery Channel Central Europe HD v češtině a slovenštině zůstane na území bývalé federace i program Discovery Showcase HD. "Stanice Discovery Showcase HD zůstane nadále v naší nabídce," dodal Andrey Stoychov.""
  4. @David - UPC : Showcase HD will remain, or will be removed? Sorry cuz' i don't know czech :), you can reply in czech.
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